Body Painting

Be Body Art!

Yes, you too can be body art! I have done body painting for photos and for advertising and just for fun. Being body painted can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences.  My models have always said they feel beautiful. Photos are an amazing experience and Halloween is the time to give it a try!

I charge by the hour and job, depending on the design and difficulty. I can paint half body or full. Animals, characters, signs, and logos. Standard base rate starts at $125 per hour.

Body painting is all the rage now! Artists are creating some of the most beautiful art on the human canvas. There was even a Netflix series call Skin Wars. I have previously taken classes from one of the winning contestants
featured on the show. That was a great experience to learn from the best. The show lasted 3 seasons and had fantastic artists from all over the world competing. For this show, Adults only 18 and over I would suggest!
So fun. If you haven’t checked out SKIN WARS now is the time. Just click the link to see some awesome art.